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Review Today is a trading unit of Expert Today.
It investigates and reports on the financial sustainability of local government councils in the context of both their infrastructure and service needs.

Our integrated consulting package independently and objectively ascertains, clearly documents and effectively communicates the condition of a local council’s infrastructure and finances and then integrates the findings in a single overview report  which is in a non-technical format suitable for submission to Councillors, local residents and the relevant Minister for Local Government"

The company brings together and manages a unique alliance of leading consulting practices with expertise in asset management and economic and financial analysis. They include Professor Percy Allan AM, who led the 2006 NSW Local Government Financial Sustainability Review, GHD, a prominent engineering firm and Alan Tregilgas, an experienced public financial analysts.

The owner of Review Today is Bob Gaussen whose companies Expert Today and Adjudicate Today (see www.adjudicate.com.au) are widely known in local government as the leading providers of alternative dispute resolution services. Bob is the Project Director coordinating all the non-research issues and, together with Professor Allan, presents the review findings and recommendations to Council executives and councillors.

For further information, contact Bob Gaussen, gaussen@adjudicate.com.au or 1300760297.


Percy Allan AM
Professor Percy Allan AM,
Picture Bob gaussen
Bob Gaussen,
Managing Director